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Research has shown that more than 70% of people search for a business online or on social media before making a purchase or visit. Therefore, it is essential for your business to have its online strategy up-to-date and have internal knowledge of how get the most out of all the online possibilities.

With our in-company training we analyse, create and execute a personalised online strategy, while training you and/or your staff to the latest tips & tricks regarding online marketing and customer acquisition.


During the training you will be actively involved and “practicing while doing”, with our personal support to guide you where needed. You will be triggered to be creative and initiative.


The in-company training courses can be arranged entirely to your wishes. During a telephone intake interview, the topics are tailored to your needs and industry.


Whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur or a business owner with employees, we can tailor our training courses for one person or your entire marketing team.


We aim to cover every subject and answer every question, but a company evolves and so do online platforms. You can always reach out to us with new questions after the training is completed.

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