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Provide excellent customer care with Facebook Messenger!

As Social Media grows and our digital world becomes even faster, it seems that our patience levels are on the decline. In other words, we want our answers and we want them NOW.

So how do we provide such excellent ‘Social’ Customer Service when we are so busy in our own businesses, yet we don’t want to let our customers down by not responding as quickly as we know they’d like us to?

It’s simple!

Create a system that allows you to ‘manage’ your customer’s expectations.

Imagine this

You have a question for a Business about one of their products and services and you send them a message via Messenger on their Facebook Business Page, and then this pops up…..

Hey Sarah, thank you for getting in touch. Your message is important to us, so this is our automated reply to let you know we’re not on Facebook right now, but we will be in touch within the next 12hrs to reply to your message. Thank You.

First of all, it will keep your ‘response badge’ green, meaning that visitors of your page can expect a quick reply from you… but also, it takes a lot of work out of your hands!

The company has acknowledged your message and you now know that someone from the company is going be to getting in touch with your answer within the next 12 hours.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to offer the same great ‘Social’ Customer Service to your own customers?

Get Set Up Today

Go ahead, let your customers feel they are heard and that you are responsive by setting up your own Facebook Messenger Auto-Replies.

This is a great way to provide excellent ‘Social’ Customer Service on your Facebook Business Page without being overwhelmed with the feeling of having to be on Facebook all day long.

Here We Go

STEP 1.  Go to Settings on your Facebook business page.

STEP 2: Click on the Messaging button on the top left.

STEP 3: Scroll down to Response Assistant

STEP 4: Follow the instructions!

Now, to make it even better, you can even add some Frequently Asked Questions to your Messenger chat window to make it even easier for people to start a conversation with you!

How to add frequently asked questions to facebook messenger
This is how my messenger window engages people to start a conversation!


You can find this setting in the General Messenger Settings and its called ‘Help people to start a conversation with your page’. 

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